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With over 100 full time employees there is very little within the Broadcast and Professional DTV domain that we cannot do. Our engineering excellence is widely recognised and the staff we employ have many and varied areas of expertise covering the full DTV value chain from Headend to Screen.



The most representative companies of the sector have relied on Optiva Media to outsource solutions for operations and lab management activities, such as, VOD Operations, Encoding and PPV operations, and Tested operations, performing different task like, material traffic management, programming  (registrating contents, scheduling), ingest all files and its metadata, workflow management and verification, encoding content for Pay Per View channels, capture live events using Optiva Media's Catch-it tool, design, build, update and maintain laboratory platforms, updating and configuration management, and incidences and troubleshooting management.


Professional Services

We have carried out hundreds of different projects where our engineers, who specialize in video, IT and system engineering, have worked with different customers in different technologies, networks and countries. These projects have involved design, integration, setup and management, system update, operation and troubleshooting processes. A team of our CAS/DRM System Engineers, Video Head-End System Engineers, CDN & Networking Engineers, CMS System Engineers, and CMTS System Engineers where involved in the projects we have carried out.


QA Services

Optiva Media has a team of professionals dedicated to Digital TV Quality Assurance, with vast experience validating different solutions and applications.

Tools: Test Management (TestLink, HP Quality Center, Testopia) (Bug Tracking: Assembla, Jira, Bugzilla).
Testing procedures: Manual tests (Sanity, Functional, Regression, Acceptance). Automation tests (ATF, StormTest).
Lab equipment: Satellite and Cable DVB modulators. Frame and Spectrum analyser. Video and Data Spoolers. CMTS. 


Consultancy and PM

Only a company with a deep knowledge of the market solutions, trends and the actors who play in it can successfully develop strategic projects. Thus, companies all around the world trust Optiva Media to lead some of their reference projects and product launches. We have many examples, some of which include: AtresMedia OTT – Vodafone STB OTT 
– PrisaTV OTT  Microsoft Xbox European and LATAM deployments  Nagra/Abertis Cloud deployment  TVE Strategy and Vendor selection for Euskaltel – Vendor selection for R  Global OTT state of the art for ORS  Field trial design and management for Vodafone. 

Research and Innovation

In Optiva Media we believe in the significance of research and innovation, and that is why we want to over-emphasize the importance of the activities the company develops in this area. The R&D Area collaborates with the rest of the members of the company in relation to the projects belonging to the different Areas of Interest with the aim of strengthening the development of current technology. Aligned with this objective, it is intended to expand the idea of research and development to the innovation field (Research & Innovation).

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Optiva Media is a company with knowledge of the complete Digital TV and audiovisual media market value chain. This knowledge along with the varied expertise of our workforce makes us the ideal partner for strategy, product marketing and TV contents to drive your business from a global and independent perspective.


   ·   Market Research and business planning.

   ·   Partners and suppliers identification.

   ·   Service needs analysis.

   ·   Managed RFI and RFP Processes - outbound.

   ·   Legacy systems management.

   ·   Engineering services and QA Sw solutions.

  The business department takes the necessary commercial and marketing actions for our business generation and it defines the business strategy in which we have developed the core purpose of the company. The majority of the senior profiles in Optiva Media work part-time in this department, combining their responsibilities with other tasks, such as project implementation for example. Thus, it is necessary to cooperate in the business development of the company, even if it sometimes implies having to generate efforts when it may interfere with the development of the daily work routine.

As well as the business headquarters in Madrid (Spain) and an operational and sales presence in Portugal, Germany and the UK, Optiva Media is also involved with other projects throughout the world. Although we are predominantly focused on supporting broadcast clients within EMEA, we have also delivered major projects in Asia Pacific and Latin America. In other words, wherever we believe that we can add real value to a client’s business, we will be delighted to venture.

At Optiva Media, we develop assessments, carry out market analysis and testing with our clients. We lead and provide business plans taking into consideration all the environment and ecosystem factors which may have an impact regarding our customers.


   ·   DTV headend operations.

   ·   Content life cycle management.

   ·   VOD remote operation.

   ·   Network monitoring.

   ·   CDN remote monitoring.

   ·   Lab design and operation.

   ·   Training and handover to operation staff.

  Optiva Media referred operations to sectors that have direct and main function of the implementation of the projects. That is why almost 90% of the company's employees are involved into operations. There is also another trait that characterizes people who are in operations, and is considered one of the chargeabilities. Chargeablity at OM meaning when we say that the work we do is entirely credited to the client. For this reason the percentage of chargeability concept is of utmost importance, this is determined largely on the company operating profit, something that is a key to increase operating profit and to develop ourselves as well.

But people who are in operations not only carried out projects to our clients, they also make other fundamental tasks to Optiva Media, such as the sales force support, demos, quotes, and above all the development of their own knowledge and skills within their own department and with the cooperation of the rest of the people involved.

Within the operation it is comprised of these departments Engineering Services, Software Development, User Experience, and IT.


   ·   Mobile applications.

   ·   Develop tailored solutions to our customers.

   ·   User Interfaces implementation.

   ·   STB, Multiscreen & Desktop frontend SW.

   ·   HbbTV Apps for Smart TVs and STBs.

   ·   Audience and Metadata Quality measurement.

   ·   VOD billing gateway.

   ·   Innovative backend  metadata tools.

  Software Development sector covers profiles focused on the development of both UI and server applications. Within this sector, below are types of projects developed:Frontend Development. Normally based on STB, TVs, and mobile devices like tablets and telephones.

   -  Backend Development. Development of the backend services.

   -  Integration. Development of integration between different services and equipment.

   -  Internal projects. Development of domestic products as a proof of concept, pilot, demos, etc.

   -  Others. Everything that requires programming, such as customizing existing projects.


   ·   Mobile applications.

   ·   Integration and e2e system testing.

   ·   TV headend and back office integration.

   ·   nPVR, OTT, CDN, CAS, DRM integration.

   ·   STB integration and certification.

   ·   Complex architecture design.

   ·   Automated testing.

   ·   Self-certification test suits.

   ·   Deployment, installation and configuration.

  The Engineering services management has four functional areas:

Project Management
Responsible in defining methodology and the best method to the Management and Project monitoring of the Engineering Services Department.
It is reponsible in ensuring that all projects of the Engineering Services management are documented and is monitored correctly by those responsible.

Quality Assurance
Responsible for the organization and implementation of QA projects (creation of test cases, manual and automatic testing), both internally driven by developmental area, as well as hired by third-party companies.
It is responsible in defining and implementing a methodology for common testing for different projects in its sector.

Managed Services
The implementation of services where the planning, management and implementation itself is a responsibility of Optiva Media which is at the core activities of the sector.
It has a mission of implementation of work methodology, the definition and implementation of quality of service indicators, allowing its proper implementation and continuous improvement.

Engineering & Integration
Multifunctional sector where engineering and system integration projects are grouped.
One of its most important responsibilities is to contribute to the training of the members of the Engineering Services Management.


   ·   Visual design.

   ·   Interaction design.

   ·   Information architecture.

   ·   Navigation design.

  We only have one goal in mind during all our entire design process: create an unforgettable user experience for our client’s digital products & services.

We also provide a wide variety of graphic design services such as video production (3D & 2D, motion graphics), professional photography services, corporate identity design packages, branding projects, and many more.


       ·   Metadata analyzing tool.

       ·   Real time monitoring.

       ·   KPI's Management.

       ·   Statistical quality reports.

       ·   Search engine.

  Nzuri is the metadata analyzing tool developed by Optiva Media. It provides TV operators and content aggregators a way of assessing the quality and ensuring there is no lack of or incoherent information in the metadata listing files they deal with every day. Nzuri highlights the issues found in the metadata by notifying the relevant people as soon the problems are detected. The tool features reports, real time data monitoring, KPIs management, search feature and manual or automatic ingestion configuration functions to help users keep up to date about what is going on in their metadata management workflow. For more details search projects section.




Optiva Media has carried out projects for many of the world’s largest media and communication companies.

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