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Optiva Media is developing the next step in Digital pay and broadcast TV. We are leading independent engineering services to deliver video broadcast solutions to companies within Europe and beyond.

Software Architecture team pursues the adoption of standards and solutions that lead us to achieve software excellence across the company. We assist other development teams to reach their goals but also challenge them to adopt cutting-edge technologies and implement state-of-the-art practices. We are involved in the company’s products development and roadmap. Further info about our products can be found here.

Optiva Media is an Advance Technology Partner with AWS. Our products are all cloud-native and follow AWS best practices. Employees are often challenged to prove their knowledge and get AWS certifications, attend courses and conferences. This helps us to rapidly grow in knowledge and apply best practices. Making Optiva Media teams a family of outstanding professionals.


  • Deliver high-quality software features that meet coding and design patterns best practices.
  • Work closely with engineering manager, architect and business teams to solve challenging problems.
  • In-depth analysis of code, identify anti-patterns and provide an improvement plan.
  • Develop code that supports a fully automated DevOps process.
  • Drive continuous improvements of our DevOps processes by identifying opportunities and acting upon them.
  • Write high quality, maintainable code with extensive test coverage.
  • Determine the right tool for the right task.

Basic Qualifications

  • Demonstrable knowledge of AWS fundamentals. We don’t look for Werner Vogels, but we expect you to know about VPCs, EC2, S3, RDS and SQS (at least).
  • You are passionate about code quality and design patterns. You question every technical decision and pursuit software excellence.
  • You have strong development skills in one of typescript, javascript, java or other OOP languages. This is a full stack developer position, so both frontend and backend frameworks are valuable. We believe It’s not the years in your CV that count; but as guidance, we believe engineers with 3+ years of experience will fit fine.
  • You are accountable of your code. You think untested code is like a naked man in the street. We truly believe unit testing, integration tests and coverage make our lives easier.
  • Demonstrable knowledge of relational databases. Comfortable with ORMs such as Typeorm/Sequelize/Hybernate or any other persistence abstraction.
  • You understand how git works and you are familiar with common industry flows. It’s not all about pull, commit, push.

We know the perfect candidate doesn’t exist. If you feel comfortable with 4+ qualifications, don’t be shy… Apply! We will help you with the rest!

Preferred Qualifications

  • Familiar with AWS Well-Architected Framework and infrastructure services like CloudFormation.
  • Familiar with provider-agnostic infrastructure tools like serverless, packer and terraform.
  • Microservices, Serverless, CI/CD & Containerization.
  • Knowledge of SOLID principles.
  • Rock-solid developer in two or more languages: typescript, javascript, java, python, groovy, bash scripting, other OOP languages.
  • Databases. You’re comfortable with relational and non-relational databases, replication schemes to enable high availability with failover, etc.
  • Internet-scale services. You understand scalability challenges and performance of server-side code. You can design and develop horizontally scalable, resilient and high-performance REST services.

We offer a competitive salary in the market with numerous social benefits, professional career adapted to your personal goals, professional development, schedule flexibility, teleworking option and continuous training as you grow up in an innovative environment!

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