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At Optiva Media, among other projects, we work on an interoperable set of solutions for management, processing and enrichment of metadata and multimedia files in the context of a television operator with multiple content providers and end-user platforms.

Optiva Media is looking for iOS Developers with a minimum experience of 2/3 years.


    • Collaborate daily with the development team (developers, analysts, testers, product owners, etc.) to help produce acceptance criteria for user stories, providing technical and domain expertise that helps drive decision making
    • Implementing new features according their acceptance criteria, as well as maintaining and improving the existing features/codebase with an incremental and continuous improvement approach to deliver
    • Fixing bugs, either as part of the development process or as part of support activities done to the live system and support to trial groups
    • As a seasoned development team member, contribute to the completeness of acceptance criteria for the user stories and for proper breakdown into manageable units of work
    • Actively perform analysis on work to come ahead of the sprint (pre) planning in order to help the team have all doubts cleared so everyone can do proper estimation



  • Demonstrated experience in iOS development using both Objective C and Swift.
  • Dependency management with Cocapods
  • Use of Third-party libraries such as Mantle, AFNetworking (Alamofire), Bolts
  • Unit Testing with XCTest Framework and sniffer libraries like OCMock
  • Management of Push Notification
  • Creation and consumption of RESTfull APIs or Version Control, GIT or Continuous Integration Tools (Jenkins, Sonar)
  • Development on Chromecast and Airplay

Desired skills

  • Experience developing IPTV applications
  • Experience developing streaming applications
  • Experience using adaptive video streaming technologies Smooth Streaming, HLS, DASH as well as DRM technologies like Playready, Widevide, Fairplay

We offer a competitive salary in the market with numerous social benefits, professional career adapted to your personal goals, professional development, schedule flexibility, teleworking option and continuous training as you grow up in an innovative environment!

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Optiva Media

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