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The R&I Area of Optiva Media is looking for Networking & Opportunities Promoter to help drive growth, impact and outreach of our R&D activities. In this role, you will play a fundamental role in accomplishing our ambitious three-legged mission and achieving long-term partnerships and R&D projects growth objectives. This means you will be a trusted advisor and key player on all things related to the definition of the R&I strategy, with a clear focus on expanding our presence and relevance in the main R&D platforms, associations, forums and networking events at European and national levels.

You will be responsible for promoting our know-how, expertise, products and R&D achievements through ‘marketing’ and communications activities, such as presentations and in-person demonstrations. You must stay up-to-date with product features, R&D projects outcomes and company needs, as defined in the R&I agenda, working in close relation and collaboration with our lead researchers and R&I Strategy committee, in order to represent the brand in a professional and positive manner. If you are a talented, open-minded, ambitious and creative natural communicator who likes travelling and the excitement of new challenges, open to thrive in a fast-paced environment, we have the perfect job for you!


  • Understand and make yours Optiva Media’s R&I Strategic Agenda.
  • Establish specific goals and implement a detailed action plan with clear and measurable KPIs.
  • Create a positive image of the R&I Area. Extend our presence and relevance in the European R&D scenario.
  • Produce presentations, web-based features, demonstration applications and other marketing material to promote our know-how, expertise, products and R&I outcomes.
  • Attend and participate in the main technology and R&D forums, exhibitions and any networking event related to the technologies of strategic interest for the company.
  • Develop, maintain and expand the portfolio of partners by networking and marketing/showcasing activities.
  • Gain familiarity and stay updated on technology trends and innovations, identifying cutting-edge and promising technologies of potential application to the company’s needs and interests.

Requirements for the Android Developer

  • BS in Public Relations, Marketing or a related field, preferred. Complementary studies on Computer Science or similar are a plus.
  • Proven working experience as a Promoter.
  • Proficiency in English and Spanish.
  • A good level of technical understanding, with enthusiasm for new technology research and its commercial uses.
  • Excellent listening, communication, presentation, social and leadership skills.
  • Proactivity and self-motivation. Time-management skills and the ability to prioritise.

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