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At Optiva Media, among other projects, we work on an interoperable set of solutions for management, processing and enrichment of metadata and multimedia files in the context of a television operator with multiple content providers and end-user platforms.

We are currently looking for an experienced web developer for developing web applications for OTT video consumption.


  • Demonstrable experience with AngularJS and other frameworks MVC / MVVC front-end JS frameworks (Vue, React, etc) or Experience with Bootstrap, Scaffolding.
  • Demonstrable experience with responsive / fluid interfaces.
  • Demonstrable experience developing web applications with a high number of users optimizing performance from the customer’s point of view.
  • Experience with Front-end testing tools such as Karma and mocha or valuable experience with video players such as Shaka-Player or Experience working with agile methodologies (Scrum) and tools (JIRA).
  • Advanced knowledge of JavaScript and tools (ESLint, Prettier, Babel).
  • Advanced knowledge of HTML5 and CSS.
  • CSS Preprocessing, LESS and/or SASS.
  • Creation and consumption of RESTfull APIs or Version Control, GIT or Continuous Integration Tools (Jenkins, Sonar).

Desired skills

  • Use of Node.js, Webpack, Grunt and bower.
  • Kowledge of adaptive streaming video technologies Smooth Streaming, HLS, DASH.
  • DRM technologies such as Playready, Widevide, Fairplay.
  • Application development for SmartTVS: Samsung (Tizen) and LG (WebOS TV SDK).
  • Application development for Chromecast.

We offer a competitive salary in the market with numerous social benefits, professional career adapted to your personal goals, professional development, schedule flexibility, teleworking option and continuous training as you grow up in an innovative environment!

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