Addressable TV Consultancy for Telefónica

Addressable TV: a fast-growing trend empowered by technology

The challenge

Telefónica (Movistar) target was to have a clear picture of the technologies available in the Addressable TV market to structure their advertising strategy, align internal developments and forecast advertising revenues. In today´s advertising world, DTV and all the technologies around it, represent a huge and powerful engine to segment, organise, analyse and distribute commercial information. The main target is to adopt the best and most efficient technologies, practices and operations procedures to make Addressable TV Advertising a key tool to catch the right consumers´ eyes offering the highest value to advertisers and media agencies and be as efficient as possible.

The business solution

Optiva Media worked together with Movistar understanding their advertising business and technology developments and operational procedures, and contacted the main technology players to propose a holistic strategy. The strategy consisted on bringing together all the parties involved in the global TV advertising ecosystem – Ad Decision and Ad Insertion technologies including programmatic systems, Ad Exchanges, DSPs, agencies and 3rd parties – to stablish a standard process based on an inventory-decision-data flow framework.

The outcome

Optiva Media provided a complete landscape report and organized meetings with key Addressable TV technologies providers and other operators proposing an end-to-end architecture, a migration strategy and technology and operational guidelines to Telefónica.

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