NOC operation for Unitymedia

The Project

L3 support set-up and operations for Unitymedia CMTS and HFC NOCs

Case study

In 2014, Unitymedia entrusted Optiva Media with the task of setting up and running level 3 support service for the company’s CTMS and HFC NOCs at Kerpen, Germany. The project involved aspects of service re-engineering, personnel recruitment and training and pure operations work along the following phases:

  • Analysis and value proposition plan on improving procedures and methodologies for HFC NOC.
  • Definition and documentation of daily procedures and troubleshooting guides.
  • Recruitment process for local engineers
  • On-site training of new hires, covering:
    • IP networking and HFC concepts.
    • DOCSIS and CMTS.
    • End-user HFC services (video, VoD, VoIP, etc.), DOCSIS return path.
    • Issue identification through log analysis, alarm inspection, etc.
    • Root-cause analysis, troubleshooting practices.
  • On-site support to the team during onboarding and ramp-up.

After a period of outsourced service, Optiva Media collaborated to transfer L3 support team and operations control to Unitymedia, which process completed in 2015.


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