LiFi for streaming video transmission

Light as a new inalambric way of communication

The main general objective of  “LiFi Last Mile” is the demonstration of the applicability and viability of Li-Fi technology as a substitute or complement to the already established WiFi technology, enclosing it into the initial transportation and mobility environment. 

 Thus we use the LED’s light in three ways:

  • As a data transmission medium between systems.
  • As a protocol to link devices.
  • As a safety and innocuous network, with applications that other technologies can’t offer.

The result is the construction of a functional prototype for streaming video transmission using LiFi technology and visible light as a way of transporting information between a server and the end user device.

Likewise, for the demonstration of the operation, an OTT application has been adapted through which the end user can select the content they want to view, a selection that is transmitted to the server using a new LiFi link in which an Infrared LED is used as a means of transmission.

See what we did in LiFi Last Mile project

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