QAltiva® service for Vodafone Spain

An agile approach to end-to-end TV quality assurance

In mid 2017, Vodafone Spain posed Optiva Media the challenge of providing a flexible QA service able to rapidly adjust to validation demands for constant updates along the entire TV service chain, from integration with additional content providers to deployment of new end-user functionalities and apps. Optiva Media designed and implemented QAltiva®, an agile approach to QA planning and execution backed by a team of full-stack testing professionals.
QAltiva®’s daily activities are managed through a Kanban-like backlog whose prioritization and monitoring is controlled by a joint customer/client PMO according to technical, operational and commercial considerations.

QA activities covered include:

  • Integration validation for upgrades on backend side.
  • Ensuring the best user experience by running performance and stability tests.
  • Integration validation for new media/metadata content providers.
  • Impact testing of network updates (distribution, home equipment) on end-user quality.
  • Testing and acceptance of STB firmware / applications updates.
  • Testing and acceptance of new end-user functionalities and external apps.
  • Development of multidimensional testing matrices crossing different versions of home equipment HW, STB firmwares, applications and end-user devices.
  • Mobile device testing automation with tools such as Quamotion.
  • Issue tracking and fix coordination with internal units and external providers.
    Since its inception in 2017 till mid 2019, QAltiva® for Vodafone Spain has validated 50+ production deployments with a perfect score of zero post-launch P0/P1 incidences detected.

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