TV operations for Vodafone Spain

Round the clock operations for a 1.3M subscribers TV service

In 2009, Spanish telco ONO (merged with Vodafone Spain in 2014), tasked Optiva Media with the job of running end-to-end operations for its TV services. The ongoing project, which continues to this day, was dramatically enhanced with the adoption of MediaStream metadata management system in 2018.

Behind the scenes, running a TV service involves a number of round the clock activities such as:

  • Line-up management: EPG metadata import procedures from metadata providers, quality checking, export procedures to end-user platforms, line-up upgrades, signal encoding and processing.
  • VoD management, including both external catalogs (Netflix, HBO, etc.) and Vodafone Spain’s own VoD section, programming control, asset encoding, processing and distribution
  • Graphic support: when metadata providers don’t cope, an internal editorial team is in charge of creating additional material for TV interfaces such as movie and series covers and cast & crew pics in as many image formats as required.
  • Support to the marketing team: edition and creation of promotional material, recovery and preparation of metadata for promotional campaigns and other marketing activities.

As of 2019, Vodafone TV features an extremely rich entertainment offer comprising 200+ generalist and thematic channels and thousands of catch-up and VoD contents from catalogs like Netflix, HBO, AXN and more. Optiva Media provides a multidisciplinary team in charge of ensuring metadata/content consistency and quality in such a complex ecosystem with the assistance of MediaStream, an AWS-based technological workflow management solution.

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