6 TV trends you should watch for in 2020

These technologies are starting to slightly show what they can do for the industry

The broadcast, entertainment and media industries have never been as disruptive, fresh, exciting and continuously redefined by new technologies as they are now. Let’s see what 2020 has to offer.


Metadata quality and enrichment will be key for your user experience. A good content flow manager will be your greatest ally.

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5G hubs will completely change the game, ultra-low latency and 4k resolutions, stream content from the cloud avoiding unnecessary cables.

Learn more about it in the article below.

Source: HTC

Addressable TV

Addressable TV transform TV advertising. User data is shaping advertisement’s future. Companies will invest on targeted, dynamically inserted ads.

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Content Tagging

AI will tag and editorialize content in media production improving the user experience. TV content autotagging is a brave new world we at Optiva Media are excited to investigate and contribute to.

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Designed to track rights and effectively monetise content, blockchain will transform media and entertainment.

Take a look at how it’s going to change media.

Source: Forbes


A seed of broadcasting 8K content is flourishing in Japan, we might soon talk about a new dimension of UHD.

Check out the latest trend.

Source: Digital Trends

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