9 Benefits of testing automation for a TV business

Automated testing to relief the overwhelming quantity of to do´s for Developers and QAs

The unstoppable pace of technological development and product launches, has become a constant trend to which companies are progressively getting used. The matter comes up with a new challenge which by no means can be overlooked: continuous quality assurance.

Companies might be on a rush, from sprint to sprint, spending a lot of time on competition or expending extra money on new developments, but, are those things a priority over quality? The answer, at least for us is no. As consumer demand grows, and consuming trends are fluctuating from one day to the next, companies are on the spotlight and they can not lose advantage. An example of this might be the thousands of different TV models, smartphones or computers (among other devices) existing in the market, and most of them, update their operating systems or functionalities frequently. 

It is true that TV organizations require a huge investment in resources and teams to cover such a multitude of functions and tasks that unavoidably have to be performed by their own hands, such as testing. Here’s the point: put the quantity of devices, the frequency of releases, and the testing casuistry all together, and you´ll find you don´t have hands enough. To relief this overwhelming quantity of “to do´s” for Developers and QAs, automated testing comes as a great companion.

At this point, we may not be discovering you the Coke’s formula, but we want to share with you some highlights of testing automation that will help you considering it for your company.

9 benefits of testing automation for a TV business

    • You can schedule your test executions 24/7. Automated testing will provide you with flexibility to test at any time, from anywhere on Earth! There might be events that require an awkward timetable to be on guard in front of a screen, but automation will allow you to program those test cases so your teams working hours would remain untouched.
    • Testing efficiency will improve considerably. Testing implies a significant portion of the overall development lifecycle. Even the smallest improvement of the total efficiency, can take up significantly lesser amounts of time, and make a considerable difference to the project timeframe.
    • The overall test coverage will increase. Implementing automated tests will only mean that more tests will be performed, which leads to testing more features and develop higher quality applications. The scalability you will acquire with automation tools will not only provide you with more coverage but also a combination with multiple and different testing practices.
    • Results and time-to-market will be accelerated. Thanks to the fast implementation of automated testing and the possibility of make plenty more tests in less time, results will come up faster than ever. Once automated, the test library execution is faster and runs longer than manual testing. Also, customers will be able to enjoy sooner of the outcome as the releases will be ready in the market at the speed of light!
    • You can test in multiple devices at the same time! It is essential to ensure the cross browser compatibility over various TV models, browsers, hardware, operating systems, networks and other devices, which requires the creation of countless test cases. Automated testing will allow testers to run tests across all different hardware and operating systems required, and more.
    • Business cost will be reduced. Automated testing means efficient resources in effective times with faster results, which only can mean, less money. Apart from the initial investment, companies will find the difference between manual and automated reflected in a costs drop, as the time saved is substantially large.
    • The reusability of test cases will provide you with time for a coffee. You won´t need to write the same tests over and over again every time you have to test an application or software update on different TV operating systems or devices. Reusing test scripts will ultimately save both time and efforts.
    • Will help dimensioning human efforts and being the best Manual Testing companion. Testing automation no doubt will leverage and improve your resources distribution and provide you with a large series of advantages. However, this is not the only way to lead to a great and overall quality assurance. Putting automated testing as a manual testing complement will be the perfect match! Manual testing is important to perform unique test scenarios and test cases, and together with automated testing, you will not only reduce your QA teams stress but you will also will be able to cross-check the outcomes, making this tandem the perfect combination!
    • You will earlier detect glitches and bring thoroughness to your testing. The earlier you identify a defect, the more cost-effective it is to fix the bug. Automated testing will bring you the possibility of having a wide variety of reportings, as you will also be able to monitor all your automated activity. This brings you the possibility of being one step ahead of other future issues.

Automated testing is a great solution for TV companies that manage a huge amount of releases on a daily basis, and whose customers and the market itself raises the demand every day. It can be used as single service, but manual testing is always needed for better automated test cases and scope!

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