A free code library for AWS has been launched

Optiva Media’s aim is to ease use the SQS service of AWS

Optiva Media continues working on the improvement and optimisation of technology. That’s why our teams working on MediaSuite and Solutions architecture have launched a free code library, our latest contribution to AWS OpenSource for developers who make use of AWS services for their projects developed at Node.

The use of the AWS SQS queue has a limited size for each message. This limit caused unexpected issues, even when trying to control that the messages did not exceed this limit, sometimes it was not possible to make it.

The solution our teams came up with, was to make use of an S3 loop, which will be used to store the message that exceed the maximum limit, and in the SQS queue the necessary information is sent to download the message. This is done without disturbing the user experience.

The project has provided a clean and transparent solution for the user who needs to use the SQS service of AWS in a Node environment, and whose flow needs the use of messages that exceed the maximum limit established by AWS.

Loop Overview

Take a look at the library and discover a bit more about our latest contribution to AWS OpenSource!

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