Benefits of voice testing

Listen to your users´ commands and enhance their experiences with Voice Assistants!

Voice Assistants are an unstoppable trend. Google, Apple, Amazon… Everyone wants your hands to be free. This technology allows you to do voice searches for anything on TV services, providing many more actions possible than the remote control itself.

These systems are based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) to turn what you say into a predefined list of all the actions, created from the combination of an action and objects, for example: change channel, tune in, go to channel, go to another platform

The huge amount of Natural Language expressions multiplied by the set of predefined commands multiplied by all contents and channels, requires a deep testing of the unquantifiable number of possible combinations, something not affordable with manual testing.

If you want to be absolutely sure about the quality of your voice assistant automated testing is the only way to go.

How does the automated testing work on voice assistants?

Natural Language Processing algorithms are capable of translating human speech (words) into text. However, the real challenge now, is translating text into commands.

Automated Voice Testing is based on compiling a list of all the actions (change channel, tune in, go to channel, go to the platforms…), natural language expressions and possible objects, combine them and use automatic voice synth to voice each combination. The automatic testing system tries all the possible combinations to find any gap or mistake.

Moreover, it is not just about the different usage situations and combinations of words, but an added difficulty is language itself. There are so many different languages that create completely different situations that we need to test our voice services on a high percentage of them.

Testing needs to be flexible and combine multiple usage situations to make sure it is adaptable to every case. The main outcome must be to improve application behaviour and service NPS that real users will demand of a high-end TV Service application in terms of stability, performance and functionality.

There are three different testing steps: “end to end” automated testing, where all the testing process is performed from the voice commands to the actions resulted; and  “voice-to-text” and “text-to-command” segment.

The features that a voice control provides to users are as fascinating  and overwhelming as complex and diverse. That is why test automation comes up as an avoidable  option supported, of course with manual testing, as we´ve mentioned in recent posts.

What are the advantages of voice automated testing?

Aside of the obvious advantages that the automated testing provides on any project, there are some others that stand out like::

  • 100% of use case combinations can be tested. Automated voice testing misses not a single situation ; you are testing every nook and cranny in the service. The result is that the final product NPS will be outstanding and end users will enjoy a great service..
  • Extremely time and cost effective. Test your full voice service in short time and get and astonishing time-to-market.
  • It is accurate. Your teams will not need to dig deep to find the bugs as you´ll have everything automated and monitored.
  • Voice testing copes with m Very rich language range, across several accents, different gender and age speakers, all of them considered considered.

We know about the importance of your quality assurance and the impact it has on your NPS, that´s why we´ve a team of testing experts always ready to help you improving your quality and your user experience.

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