Optiva cares about our community!

Our commitment to equality in all aspects makes us a global citizen.

At Optiva we know that we are more than just a business; we are part of a global community. We have a strong commitment to do business in a way that respects, protects and benefits our environment and people.

Our commitment to equality in all aspects, extends not only to our employees but also to everyone else. Our aim is to be an active and responsible, be concerned about our condition as a global citizen that contributes to our society.

Focusing on children and families, education and gender equality. Our history of sponsorship and mutual help between our company and other associations continues reflecting our values. We support our local community and address basic needs through four different programs along 2019:

Cáritas Spain

Since 2017, we have supported Cáritas with their Christmas campaign collecting basic goods such as clothes, toys, food and hygiene and cleaning products for Carabanchel area.

This initiative cares for the families in Madrid who are in an unfavourable economic situation. In 2020, Optivos have shown one more time their generosity and hospitality, caring for the community in our city.

Caritas sent us last week a thank-you note showing us their gratitude for our collaboration. Thanks, Optivos for doing your bit every single year and taking part in this beautiful project!

Muchas Más

We believe in the evolution of the labour market towards balance. Therefore, from the company, we will continue promoting women in society and in the professional life. In commitment to the integration of women in technology, Optiva Media has bet on continuous support for initiatives focused on promoting this growth.

During the last Optiva Women event, that took place in June 2019, we counted on the collaboration of Ana Landa, president of Muchas Más Association in Spain.

This not for profit organization has as its main aim to ease the access to higher education for young women in El Salvador.

We have lately received news from Anly, an architecture student in El Salvador whose education is supported by Optiva, she transmitted us her happiness and gratitude.


During 2019, we had a colleague working at Optiva Media coming from ALEPH TEA’s. This association’s objective is to help people with TEA by promoting their careers and providing training.

Through this beautiful initiative that joined with ALEPH-TEA, we aim to bring people with autism closer to the labour market and help them to integrate, learn and develop professionally by breaking down barriers in favour of functional diversity.

Down Madrid

The purpose of Down Madrid is to defend the right to life and dignity of people with Down syndrome or other intellectual disabilities, as well as to promote and carry out all activities aimed at achieving their full social integration.

Optiva Media is so happy to say that it is already two years that we are collaborating with Fundación Down. We have done a joint work once again in 2020. We are eager to share our time and work with these wonderful people.

Take a look and get inspired!

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