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Had we been told 50 years ago that thanks to VR today we could see a crocodile in our living room, or have facial recognition on our own devices, we wouldn´t have believed it.

Technology evolves exponentially − the strong innovation of the companies and their great capacity to hold on to the torrent of market demand push the user always look for new things and better quality.

Entertainment companies, have reached an unrestrained pace, and they must always be at the forefront. Their products and solutions must not only cover the needs of their users, but also systematically offer an added value which is almost tailor-made.

In the case of a content aggregators or TV operators, the goal is clear: to improve the user experience to build customer loyalty and increase their NPS. For this purpose, there are a series of guidelines or checklists that every digital TV service should comply with to ensure that it offers, nevertheless, a positive user experience.

First of all, we have to consider the quality of the service by asking ourselves several questions – Does the app load quickly in all the devices? Does it fail unexpectedly in aspects such as login or searches, in a rigorous way, does it successfully pass all the tests? It is essential to start from a solid performance base, and this is achieved by carrying out a constant quality assurance check, from development to the latest updates.

The second place is occupied by the design of the interface of the app or platform, which must, of course, be user friendly at all points. An intuitive navigation, which presents the editorial elements well, accompanied by a tag-based system that offers the user content adapted to their tastes, can mean only one thing: engagement.

On the other hand, a multi-device experience is another key to success, which directly impacts customer satisfaction. It is important to provide the users with the best content in any place or moment.

Finally, and closely related to testing, scalability is a great advantage. Building apps with the possibility of constant improvement to include new features is key to evolving without having to start from scratch.

These are some of the most relevant considerations that a TV service should take into account in order to provide its customers with a truly complete and memorable user experience.

Optiva Media’s team develops multiscreen, high-end, cross-platform user interfaces since 2014. Our results are based on the extensive knowledge of our client’s needs, as well as the imperative requirements for the end user to trust, enjoy and get engaged. Our UX-UI experts endeavour to build seamless native apps from scratch to provide you with the always dreamt NPS.

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