Happy Programmer’s Day!

Today is International Programmers’ Day, like every September 13. Every commemorative event has its history and we want you to know the history of this day.

It began to be celebrated in Russia because a young computer scientist, Valentin Balt, applied to the Ministry of Communication for such a celebration. It was not until 2009 that the Russian authorities officially validated this date. Over the years many countries have also adopted this date and today it is celebrated worldwide.

Why is it celebrated on the 256th day of the year? This detail was chosen on purpose, by programmer Valentin Balt. The number 256 is the maximum number that can be represented with 8 bits and is also the maximum power of 2 that can be expressed within a limit of 365.

Nowadays, almost all the electronic devices around us have been programmed and it is one of the most important and demanded positions in the work environment.

What functions does a programmer perform?

A programmer is responsible for coding, cleaning, protecting and designing a website, software or computer program, using the foundations of pre-existing software to create a user-oriented interface for commercial, professional or recreational purposes. According to data published by Stack Overflow in 2022, the programming language they use the most are:

  • JavaScript (65,36%)
  • HTML/CSS (55,08 %)
  • SQL (49,43%)
  • Python (48,07%)
  • TypeScript (34,83%)
  • Java (33,27 %)

AWS, on the other hand, continues to be the cloud platform most used by professional developers.

Types of programmers

  • Software developer

    In charge of creating programs that allow the user to perform tasks, such as Word.

  • Web programmers

    Are those who design a useful platform for a company or organization. They establish appropriate commands so that each button on the web performs its corresponding function.

  • Application programmers

    Are in charge of linking programs and websites to mobile devices.

In Optiva Media about 75% of the staff are in charge of development tasks. The Frontend Developer and Backend Developer positions stand out, as they are the most abundant professional profiles in the company.

On the one hand, the Frontend Developer is in charge of programming the browser of a website, that is to say, what we see on a website. And the professional Backend Developer makes sure that all the connections previously made work properly.

Do you want to work as a programmer?

Do not hesitate to join the Optiva Media team to develop your professional career as a programmer. Our extensive experience and knowledge will help you to continue training and growing with us. We have the following vacancies:

You can check all open vacancies on our Linkedin profile and on our website.

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