How to cope with processing different image types for every content entry?

MediaShot: one picture is worth a thousand words

A picture is worth a thousand words − a short but wise and representative saying of the media and entertainment field today.

Images are absolutely prevailing in the TV and video on demand platforms, which tend to reduce as much as possible the text in their interfaces, giving more importance to visual elements, integrating automatic previews of content, trailers and related featured images.

We, humans are visual creatures, here’s one way to look at this stat: the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text!

We should use this skill to enhance data processing and organizational effectiveness. That is why providing a good visual user experience is always the biggest challenge. And the best way to do it is by automatizing the process of recognising and managing images information.

MediaShot snapshot image content

Great TV user experience demands different image types and they´re sometimes not available 

Just so you know: only a 30-minute series episode provides 45,000 snapshots! Then, can you imagine the diversity and amount of metadata involved in the process of image extraction, identification and categorization? The growing popularity of the series, for example, multiplies the need for different images per episode or per season, which, in most cases, are not available. This is a big issue: the lack of metadata puts the entire burden of the process of identifying, formatting and filling of missing images, on the TV operations teams.

What are the consequences?

On the one hand, your human teams having to manually identify each type of image is an inefficiency in time and resources. In addition, the margin of error increases significantly, and, consequently, the operational costs grow

On the other hand, you get a huge amount of generic and minor images.

MediaShot will process your metadata and ensure you‘ll have unique, relevant images for every content entry.

MediaShot is an unassisted image processing system based on Ai that extracts content and people images from media files.

Which are the key features of a good image processing tool for Digital TV?

  • Adaptable: external sources can be used for further image generation.
  • Automatic: internal AI selects and indexes the most relevant snapshots from raw input media.
  • Smart: images provided are based on customizable and predefined rules.
MediaShot image content entry
MediaShot image cropping

Thanks to the automatic image processing of MediaShot, you’ll forget about the issues:

  • Images are automatically extracted and preselected according to customizable business rules.
  • Autocropping is done depending on format required for UX needs like Movie poster, Series banner, etc.
  • Final selection is available as content metadata for further exploitation.

However, the operator will always be able to explore and filter available images by cast and other attributes and override MediaShot’s selection, that’s up to their needs!

The main objective of MediaShot is to bring meaningful images to your user experience.

Besides, in order to enrich all the metadata management of your tv services, MediaShot can be integrated with other MediaSuite components such as MediaCode (for media processing) and MediaStream. 2022 © All rights reserved