II Deploying Talent Summit

Optiva and Metadatol at Universidad Politécnica de Cáceres

Last week, we collaborated in the II Edition of the Deploying Talent Summit organized by Metadatol and Optiva Media at Universidad Politécnica de Cáceres.


The goal of this event was to promote the extensive possibilities of the Digital TV field to future and current students. Telecommunications and IT Students came to discover our company, what we do and how we work in a daily basis.

Our speakers, stated the goals and main necessities involved in the digital TV world, from video transcoding to the final delivery to end users, not forgetting, of course, about the needs of a good QA testing. The main aim was to explain the whole value chain in order to help students understand our job.

At the end, we played Kahoot to make the session funnier! After the nice talk, we enjoyed a lunch together, where students got the opportunity to ask questions and we talked about the subjects and their interests.

This event allowed us to boost our network with students. We want Optiva and Metadatol to count on UNex students, with their talent, their knowledge, experience and interesting profiles.

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