Impact of telecommunications development on society

Telecommunications have facilitated the way we communicate, educate ourselves and carry out our productive activities, making their use an essential part of our daily lives.

In addition, this has generated that our elders are left behind and have to be taught by the younger ones for inclusion in society. There will come a time when everything will be digitized, so everyone is forced to learn about telecommunications.

Young people in technological development

The development of telecommunications has had a positive impact on society. They contribute to communication, economic growth and the transmission of information and data over the Internet, which reduces costs and shipping time.

It has affected all areas, such as health through access to information or online diagnostics. In education, it has favored access to teaching resources.

For all this, and after a global pandemic that millions of young people have lived, they have realized how important digital technologies are. Young people will inherit all the technological advances that are taking place today, but most importantly, they have a key role in the evolution of digital platforms and services. That is why all companies opt for this generation, as they are digital natives.

For example, our parents, hasn’t it ever happened to you that you have to teach them things related to the use of technologies? Like web platforms to watch movies, series… That is why young people can help us to face the challenges with a maximum potential of technologies and contribution in innovative solutions, since they use them every day leading them to a good management of them and also to be aware of all the problems and advantages they have.

What is the biggest concern for our parents? The various dangers we face with all the information we share on the Internet and the harassment we may receive. But, young people know how to indicate innovations to solve these problems, since they are the first ones to have clear experiences in the digital world.

Older people in technological development

Digital technologies have a key role to play in achieving healthier aging, but also in helping people build smarter cities and combat age discrimination in the workplace. All of this to bring about inclusion of older people.

Many of our seniors are uneasy about entering a world that is too complex for them. Many people do not dare to use these tools out of fear, they think that at any moment they can touch something inappropriate or create major problems with their private information. In addition, they are afraid to enter passwords and personal data in any Internet tool for fear of being cheated.

But many older people are unaware of the usefulness of some devices and tools that can improve their quality of life, and ignorance is what makes them fearful.

The use of mobile devices and tools such as instant messaging applications, streamlines their communication and, in addition, technologies such as the Internet strengthen their independence.

With the digital television blackout, a good initiative has been to bring technology into the world of television, as it is a medium with which seniors feel more comfortable. You will meet many older people around you, who, thanks to digital television platforms, can follow the soap operas and series that entertain them the most.

  • Economic impact

    The most notable effect is the increase in productivity. This is due to the level of individuals, organizations and countries generated by advances in communications, connectivity and efficient access to information.

    They are also sources of new employment generation, since jobs are created that would not otherwise exist.

  • Social impact

    They allow for a considerable improvement in healthcare systems, since technological advances have achieved a greater flow of information, both between doctors and patients, as well as between doctors.

    On the other hand, they have a positive impact on education. It allows greater access to educational resources, teaching tools, research and knowledge. All of this has a positive impact on the academic results and training of students. 2022 © All rights reserved