International Girls in ICT Day

Our values define our actions.

Optiva Media is actively working in closing the gender gap in technology. We strongly believe that the only way to work and evolve is by building a culture of diversity. We proactively promote and recruit women in STEM to draw the benefits from a heterogeneous group, and to share knowledge and ideas.

We have a clear and defined plan to contribute to boosting girls in STEM disciplines that relies on internal policies and practices and we also collaborate as much as we can with other social partners, with a common understanding of the challenges and the opportunities this brings.

Diversity is built into our company’s culture from the very beginning of the recruitment process. We use skills-based assessments to find the top tech talent. Using performance data on specific tasks can accurately and fairly assess a candidate’s suitability for a role, independently of their gender or any other condition.

Elles bougent

Optiva Media’s CEO collaborates with Elles bougent organization. Their mission is clear, to attract more young women to the technological sector. By organizing job fairs, industrial sites visits, conferences, interventions in secondary and high schools,etc. they put in contact experienced engineering women with young girls.

The main objective is to promote exciting scientific and technical professions to schoolgirls and female students, allowing them identify and project themselves by sharing experiences and generate new vocations.

Muchas más

We’ve previously written about our collaboration with Muchas Más, a non-profit organisation, devoted to helping young women, achieving a proper higher education. In fact, Optiva Media has been involved in supporting Anly´s studies, for example. She´s a young woman in El Salvador, who achieved her bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2019.

Summer Internships

Since 2018, by offering a program in which a group of students (aged between 15 and 16) with special interest in the field, come to our offices in Madrid for a week in summer. They work together with some of the Optiva colleagues to discover a bit more about our job and how a technology company works.

The first year, a group of 15-year-old three girls and one boy, went through a short program in which they got the chance of developing a personal SWOT, learning what an organization chart was, and focusing on more technical aspects such as QA, Javascript, R&I…

The year after, a group of 5 girls, went through a more extensive program in which they got the chance of working on a Proof of Concept and learning about the different stages: marketing, design, development, etc.

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