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The digital gap and online violence are two of the most harmful problems women all over the world face today, and they have direct effects on gender equality.

This year’s UN’s International Women’s Day’s celebration theme is “For an inclusive digital world: innovation and technology for gender equality”, as a way to pay homage to all women and organizations that fight daily for the advancement of transformative technology and access to digital education. 

International Women’s Day 2023

International Women’s Day 2023 will explore the effects of the digital gender gap on the growth of social and economic inequalities. It will also highlight the importance of protecting the rights of women and girls in digital spaces and addressing gender-based violence online and that facilitated by new communication technologies.  

Bringing women, as well as traditionally marginalized groups, into technology allows for more creative solutions and has greater potential for innovations that meet women’s needs and promote gender equality. Its lack of inclusion, on the other hand, comes at an enormous cost.

7 key reasons to end gender gaps


Easier for women to enter the job market and earn a wage

Digital technologies and the skills to use them effectively can make it easier for women to enter the job market and earn a wage through new and flexible access routes, such as online education, or the possibilities of starting their own business. Those women who can deploy more digital skills will be more likely to thrive in the digital labor market, which, in general, tends to provide higher-paying jobs than other fields.



Empower women to participate in designing technologies

Digital competencies empower women to participate in designing technologies in ways that contribute to gender equality. The constitution of gender-diverse teams, working on the development of artificial intelligence-based technologies can help to identify and prevent biases in the design and production of these technologies.



Women’s participation in community and political life

Digital skills support women’s participation in community and political life to the extent that they equip women with resources to express themselves and take an active part in political and social movements and increase their self-confidence.



Accelerate women’s progress towards achieving the UN SDGs

Digital skills accelerate women’s progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals advocated by the UN.  In particular, those dedicated to both education (SDG 4) and gender equality (SDG 5) propose that countries “increase the number of young people and adults with relevant skills, such as technical and vocational skills for employment, among other things.



Economic benefits to women and to the society

Digital skills bring economic benefits to women and to the society. According to estimates by EU Commissioner Marya Gabriel, 90% of future jobs will require digital skills, so women who do not possess such skills are at risk of being left behind in the digital revolution to their detriment and to the detriment of the societies in which they live.



Women’s safety online and offline

Being in possession of sufficient digital competencies is essential to ensure women’s safety, both online and offline. Women with fewer digital skills have fewer resources to address these abusive behaviors.



Women’s incorporation into economic activity

This opens up countless opportunities for women to act and make professional and personal decisions in the digital society.

What can we do to achieve those goals?


    Which includes not only family and academic contents at an early age, but a continuous education on gender equity as well.

    To inspire and give visibility and representation to female contributors to science.


    Teach tech designers, communication departments, human resources and senior roles ti have a gender inclusive perspective


    Promote equal responsibility between both genders as the model to inspire young women to enter STEM industries.


    For the atraction and retention of female talent to guarantee the promotion of women in the different departments.

International March 8 event

Optiva Media has always been proud to have a strong female presence in its team — any chance we get to learn and spread awareness on gender equality, we take.

The United Nations Celebration of International Women’s Day will include an international event on March 8 from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. The event will be attended by bring referents in technology, innovation, governments, the feminist movement and gender equality activists, among others, to discuss the how-to’s regarding the improvement of access to digital tools and the elimination of the digital gender gap.

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