IV Edition of the Telecommunications working day

A day at Universidad Politécnica

Last week, we collaborated in the IV Edition of the Telecommunications working day, JFET, organized by Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and the Students Delegation of Engineering and Telecommunications Systems.

The goal of this event is to promote the extensive possibilities of the telecommunications sector to future and current students. All the attendees came from Telecommunications Engieneering degrees on their specialities variety.

Optiva Media showed the whole process involved in the digital TV sector, from video transcoding to the final delivery to end users. Basically, we explained them the value chain in order to help to understand it as an end to end job.

We played a game through Kahoot to make the session funnier! Students got really interested about the topics mentioned and after the chat, some of them came to ask questions and we talked about the subjects and their interests.

It was a pleasure to participate in such a nice initiative!

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