Metaverse device installed base to reach 100M by 2024

The growth of investment in the metaverse, VR and AR shows a clear tendency as of where the market will lean towards in the near future. This includes the rising of ownership and installation of dedicated metaverse devices, which is expected to double by 2024 and be caused by an shift of the target customers.

Expanding the target audience: from companies to individual consumers

As investment in the metaverse grows, ownership of dedicated metaverse devices (VR and AR headsets) is set to surge – as stated in the the latest Strategy Analytics Metaverse, Augmented and Virtual Reality (MAV) report.

“Growing investment in this area, offering new and compelling experiences to consumers, will drive uptake in dedicated devices for consumers to take advantage of new services” – David MacQueen

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What is the experts’ take on this?

As explained by report author, Executive Director David MacQueen, the market has been mainly VR sets while AR devices have been most commonly destined to the enterprise market; but this is going to change.

In words of MacQueen, “ (…) we expect AR headsets to drive future growth as more consumer-oriented devices launch (since) AR will grow from just over 1% of shipments of the metaverse devices market in 2021 to a 64% shipment share of metaverse devices by 2027.”

“Reaching an installed base of 100M in 2024 will be a significant milestone for this relatively new category of consumer electronics, helping to drive further growth and investment.” – David MacQueen

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Where does Optiva fit into this?

The understanding and development of the Metaverse being one of Optiva Media’s key objectives, this shift within the industry and its audience affects how we visualize our strategy and analyze our place in the market.

Knowing this can only help us better understand our customers, what is offered and the advancements that should be done in order to stay on top of this digital revolution.

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