Muchas Más has a new graduate!

Muchas Más fights for women to have university studies in El Salvador

Every effort has its reward, as demonstrated by Karla, a 23-year-old girl, who lives in La Floresta neighborhood in Sensuntepeque, Cabañas de El Salvador, who has recently finished her studies. Karla graduated in Education Sciences specialized in English language last Friday October 25th at the Catholic University of Salvador, in Ilobasco.

Optiva Media, has sent our most sincere congratulations to Muchas Más association, to Karla,  and to all the women who are part of it. Karla, in a thank you message to the association, stated that this stage of her life has been extraordinary and enriching to raise new goals and that now, her goal is to help other people through her profession.

Muchas Más is a non-profit association that seeks to facilitate access to university education to young women who are in a disadvantaged situation. Ana Landa, president of this organization, collaborated with Optiva Media in one of the Optiva Women events this year, enriching the session. Since this year on, we contribute with the association in order to help them boosting their scholarship program for young women in El Salvador.

You can contribute too!

The more hands helping, more results and women with future will be in El Salvador.

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