MWC – Intelligent connectivity

The only sure thing in the technology industry is change – Marc Benioff.

Last week from 25th to 28th took place the Mobile World Congress 2019, the essential annual event for mobile technology companies worldwide. This event, which has been held in Barcelona since 2006, is the most important of the sector: it brings together more than 2,400 leading companies and exposes the most cutting-edge technologies as well as the latest innovations of big organizations.

Today, industry evolves at unsuspected speeds; something that year after year is shown in this event. Now term “mobile” gathers a broad spectrum of intrinsic concepts and includes new functionalities and needs for both companies and people. So that, in this 2019 edition, the aim is to reduce the notoriety of “mobile” term in order to show the wide scope of communications at present. That is why it has chosen to maintain its initial acronym, MWC19.

One of the main ideas behind this new edition has been “Intelligent Connectivity”, a concept that includes many others in itself: flexibility, high-speed 5G networks, Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data …All these innovations configure the takeoff of a new era marked by the infinite possibilities of experience contextualization and personalization: an authentic “on demand” reality that will define the future of our industry and our world.

Since we are in a highly competitive and constantly evolving sector, Optiva Media did not want to miss this meeting. Our main task in the MWC19 was to accompany our clients during their presence at the exhibition, to conduct networking sessions with stakeholders and potential partners and, of course, to know personally the latest developments and technological releases. We did not want to miss anything!

The MWC19 offered its visitors an extensive and dynamic agenda where we found conferences given by great figures of the industry, workshops offered by different companies and demos of products and services, whose purpose was to generate experiences and make the assistant to take part of the frenetic rhythm of communication technology´s development.

To give you an aprproach of the event´s magnitude, we show you the most representative figures of the MWC in this 2019´s edition:

What about next year?

We are really curious about the core themes to turn around next 2020. Somehing we already know is that it will take place 24-27 February and that it will be exciting again! 2022 © All rights reserved