Nreal light glasses and Vodafone 5G Reality AR App

Nreal light glasses AR App: augmented and mixed reality to the customers with 5G technologies

Vodafone Spain announces that from yesterday, the 1st of June on, they will offer Nreal Light glasses to the Spanish market. Making Augmented Reality available for individuals. Nreal Light are cutting edge, lightweight and comfortable mixed reality glasses.

An industry-leading widescreen, equivalent to viewing a portable IMAX screen. This glasses are designed to be worn daily.  Via a wired USB-C connection. They tap into the power of a modern Android phone, which aids in processing and running control functions.

Vodafone has developed, in collaboration with Optiva Media and Virtual Voyagers the Augmented Reality app called Vodafone 5G Reality AR that allows users to extend their own reality. This solution counts on a number of app widgets for the customer to create their own virtual dashboard, combining 2D and 3D screens. In case the customer needs an app not available in the list, they can just open a new window and include the web needed.

Vodafone is offering endless possibilities to their customers, and real use cases to enjoy when they purchase this device. Individuals will only need to download Vodafone 5G Reality AR, for free from Google Play store and open it through Nebula, the native Nreal Light app.

This gives access to many advantages, such as an interactive virtual desktop to work with multiple screens wherever you are, expand your hobbies enjoying and interacting with the environment, squeeze hands-free possibilities or enjoy TV in an extended way.

Vodafone becomes the first operator in Spain to market an Augmented Reality device with real use cases thanks to the exclusivity arrangement with Nreal. In addition, Vodafone’s 5G network is crucial to make these glasses work. As speeds of up to 1Gbps and latencies of less than 10ms make the experience smooth and comfortable for the user.

The company also continues to develop other use cases to leverage the benefits of its 5G network that will be implemented in the coming months.

All about Nreal Light Glasses

Nreal Light Glasses are the first smart glasses that offer an accessible and high-quality real augmented and mixed reality. Thanks to its six degrees of freedom for tracking, plane detection and image tracking the glasses have a sophisticated knowledge of the environment.

The glasses utilize two cameras, two microphones and two integrated speakers, allowing users to watch videos, surf the Internet and arrange dozens of screens within their field of view, with information being displayed on what appears to the wearer as the equivalent of a large transparent screen. Plus, users are able to carry on moving around whilst wearing the glasses.

Nreal Light are available in or on-site at a Vodafone store. You can pair it with any Vodafone rate, being able to buy the device with one of the compatible smartphones or buy only the glasses and link them to the customer’s smartphone. 2022 © All rights reserved