How much do you know about equality?

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Welcome to the How much do you know about equality? - Quiz !
Today, it´s the International Women´s Day, and we want to raise awareness about the importance of equality as a power to improve the world, not only in a proffessional sense, but also in a social aspect, and all the entire society in general. That´s why we´re launching this small challenge for curious minds!

1. When did women get the right to vote in Spain?
2. When was the first-time women were aloud seek employment without their husband's permission?
3. Is “feminism” an antonym of machismo?
4. Talking about housework, did you know how much time it’s estimated to be spent by men compared to women?
5. What is the % of women in ICT?
6. What is the % of companies in Europe with female managers?
7. What is the % of women university graduates in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) careers?
8. Gender pay gap - How much less do women make than men?
9. How long is it estimated for equal pay?
10. Ada Lovelace was...
11. Emmy Noether was...
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