Optiva Media joins the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA)

Leading technologies will shape the future of TV

Optiva Media has joined the Media & Entertainment Services Alliance (MESA) to share and collaborate leading the digital transformation of media and entertainment. 

Our main aim is to work together with more than 150 industry companies from all around the world in the advancement of new technologies. Contributing to find new ways of management, developing the latest workflow solutions and the most efficient production and supply chain.

Optiva Media has joined MESA to build end-to-end collaboration with other entertainment service providers, their customers and partners, creating new project opportunities which will always be focused on providing the best possible media services.

At MESA, the focus is on three essential technologies for the media and entertainment Industry: 

  1. Data
  2. Information Technology
  3. Security

MESA’s value proposition is the strength of increased industry collaboration through communities,such as EIDR, Optiva Media’s community and the potential of exploiting workgroups. 

Optiva Media is eager to continue working and collaborating with other companies and be able to shape the future of Digital TV.

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