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A perfect TV experience starts with optimal quality

We’re extremely pleased to announce the launch of our new QAltiva´s website! We wanted to make our clients’ experience as smooth and seamless as possible, just like our quality assurance service will! That is why we have developed this site,  that makes it very easy to understand what we do.

We are absolutely aware about the importance of a good quality assurance to guarantee the superb experience your users are looking for. Companies like Vodafone, Atresmedia and HBO have already trusted us, read their stories and follow their success.

Our website will help you understand what QAltiva is and how we work, our working practices, our tools and our approach to Digital TV testing. At a glympse, you can have a look at our services portfolio, so you can find the testing solutions your company needs!

Our broad range of TV testing services is designed to help your company and make a personalised experience at every step of the process. It covers:

Automated testing

Automation of testing process not only will reduce performance inefficiencies. In a moment when the amount of content, assets and information to test is almost unmanageable, AI and ML will decrease costs and obtain the maximum performance with minimal effort.

Smart TV Lab

The overwhelming variety of Smart TV devices, operative systems, and today’s environments turns testing into a time-consuming task. You can test your product of platform on a range of 200+ Smart TVs models.

End to end Manual testing

Extensive manual testing service across a large footprint of device will ensure your content is protected and properly displayed to anticipate and prevent potential bugs.

Cloud Reporting

The reports that analyse the results of your testing available on the cloud 24/7, accessible from any device so you never miss a thing!

Field testing

Test your service on real consumers and learn from this experience, take their advice and make and outstanding platform before releasing your content

Benchmarking services

Compare and contrast your product amongst similar ones in the market and your previous product to ensure your performing the best of your versions.

Your testing starts here

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