Optiva Media R&I’s new website is now live

Optiva Media Research and Innovation’s (R&I) new website is now live

Learn about who we are, what we stand for and about our contributions to the future of the Media and Entertainment industry.

We are living exciting times for the development of the TV industry. Content consumption across media channels, devices, and demographic groups is on the rise. Digital disruption has turned the media industry upside down, transforming the TV business from unidirectional broadcast to a much more complex, multidirectional, highly personalized ecosystem.

For this reason Optiva Media’s Strategic R&I Agenda aims to support Optiva Media´s innovative character by finding new applications for emerging technologies in the TV industry; from Big Data and AI for hyper-personalization, to massive migration to cloud infrastructures, to last-mile distribution venues such as 5G and LiFi.

Some of our areas of interest include: 

  • Autotagging and content categorization from NLP analysis of metadata to assist in smart content curation and recommendation. 
  • LiFi system for the efficient streaming of high-quality audiovisual content within mobility environments using the existing LED lights.
  • Extended reality (XR) technologies, including virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) for social and immersive TV experiences in new digital environments.
  • Application of Blockchain technology for DRM and content protection, as well as to explore new business models based on subscription sharing.

Optiva Media R&I is very active at International and National levels, participating in proposals at FP7, H2020, Eureka!-Eurostars, and CDTI. We also collaborate in work Programmes at BDVA/DAIRO, EITDigital, and NEM among others.

This website is our window to the world and we will be constantly updating it with helpful information, articles, events, cooperative research projects and more!

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