Test on real Smart TVs to conquer real users’ hearts

The only way you can know how your apps will behave in the real world, is testing on real TVs.

Communications and content consumption patterns have completely changed during the last decades. The demand for smart connected devices keeps growing hurriedly. Research by Statista shows that 70 % of the overall TV market worldwide were Smart TVs’ in 2018. Sales increased by roughly 15% since 2015, highlighting the growing global demand for richly featured consumer electronics.

Trends are ephemeral and brands are launching new TV models at the speed of light, that’s why we need to keep pace with the rapidly changing nature of the digital world. Let me just set a scene ⎼ Have you ever thought of the possibility of buying a sofa that doesn’t fit through the door of your house? It happens more often that you could imagine! If you’re not prepared enough, you make mistakes that you could absolutely avoid. Now, think about it, how would you feel if you subscribe to a TV platform that doesn’t work properly on your TV? Disappointed, upset, betrayed…? 

We all agree that content is always the key to attract subscribers, but we should not forget about the importance of winning their loyalty. Companies across the board need to adapt to the changing marketplace and build Quality Assurance firmly into product and service development plans. 

We invite you to discover the main benefits of testing in different Smart TVs

  • Possibility to perform automated testing in parallel to manual testing (useful mainly for performance and stability tests).
  • Covering a greater variety of genres / models within one or several brands.
  • Performance tests can be done on a variety of models and see how a certain App behaves on different TVs and with their different hardware, OS, etc.
  • Ability to test in parallel on several TVs optimizing response times.
  • Track of the progress and results to modify as needed
  • Ensure the quality of your service at every home

All these are clear benefits of using the Smart TV testing vs. traditional testing which has been done on one or a few Smart TV models. They will offer a more realistic estimate to the client of the state of their application before it is launched into production environments.

Users don’t run apps in simulators, and you should be aware.

The testing needs to emulate the intensity, focus and variety of situations to improve application behaviour and service NPS. These points will be essential as it is what real users will demand of a high-end TV Service application in terms of stability, performance & functionality.

Testing your TV Apps is crucial to make sure your end users will be satisfied. But, how to make sure that your content is being properly delivered at every home? By having the broadest possible range of Smart TVs and testing all your products regularly. But…Where on earth can I find such a service? At a TV Lab!

The main aim of a TV Lab is to guarantee an end-to-end testing service for Operators and TV platforms. Their fundamental pillar is ensuring the optimal service to test your products on a broad range of TV’s so you can be one step ahead of your peers, being more efficient and minimising the risk when launching a new product or upgrade. 

In our QAltiva Smart TV Lab you will be able to test your applications across the different tv models. Short after you´ll see how your quality always stands out!

Check QAltiva’s Smart TV Lab

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