The Digital FunHouse 2020 – The show must go on-line!

We laughed, toasted and enjoyed connected

Yesterday the 26th of November, as every year, all the Optivos gathered, this time around the screen from many spots around the globe, such as Colombia, Chile, Germany, Madrid or the Canary Islands, among others, to share an amazing time together.

The event, wasn´t only to celebrate the goals achieved during 2020, and 8 Optiva employees anniversary in the company, but also Optiva Media´s 18 birthday! For that purpose, we had Jamming, to improve on how to make us laugh, and Cervezas Yakka, to show us the colours of a really good craft beer made in Spain.

We did not have the opportunity to meet each other and take a picture in front of a photocall, that is why we´ve collected all the pictures you uploaded on your stories yesterday, to save a memory of you enjoying!

All we want to say is thank you for being part of Optiva Media, wherever you are, and for joining us yesterday!

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