The Metaverse Standards Forum has launched!

On July of 2022, 37 leading Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) and top-tier companies founded the first ever Metaverse Standards Forum in Beaverton, Oregon (USA).

Hosted by Khronos, the Forum was originally aimed at exploring how current and potential members could join forces in order to rise interoperability between entities in the open metaverse, thus promoting the deployment of the latter (Digital TV News, 2022).

  • What is the main purpose of the Forum?
  • What are the topics addressed in its meetings?
  • How to become a member of the Forum
  • Where does Optiva Media fit into this?

What is the main purpose of the Forum?


The main goal behind this project is to promote industry-wide cooperation to build the open metaverse.

As stated by industry leaders, the potential of an open metaverse will be best realized if built on defined and aligned interoperability standards that accelerate availability and reduce effort duplication across the industry.

You can learn more about the metaverse phenomenon here.

“ Coordination is essential to an open and inclusive metaverse.” President of Khronos, Neil Trevett, 2022

What topics are addressed in its meetings?

The Forum focuses on both pragmatic, action-based projects, as well as the development of consistent terminology and deployment guidelines.

On another note, all activities are directed by the needs and interests of its members (such as 3D assets, AR and VR, avatars, privacy or financial transactions).

How to become a member of the Forum

The Forum is open to any company, SDO or university for free through a simple click.

There is also an option for members to become Principal members and fund the projects that will shape the future of the Metaverse and its regulation.

Where does Optiva Media fit into this?

In our efforts to help lead the future of technology, Optiva joined the Metaverse Standards Forum 3 months ago, thus becoming one of its 150-plus members. You can read more about the topic here. 2022 © All rights reserved