The power of Addressable TV

Powering Advertising Campaigns with Addressable TV

When a brand shows up in your TV screen while watching your favourite tv series or films, and it actually matches your likes and interests… It feels like it’s been made just for you! You can feel the unique experience of the right image being brough to your eyes at the right moment. Let’s come up with an example: you’re looking for a new car, your old one is about to break down and you need a new one. However, you know which key necessities need to be covered. Such as: 7 seats, a 4-wheel-drive or an specific colour. When it comes to traditional advertising, the brands cannot know what your likes are. But, with Addressable TV Advertising, the companies will know that you need and bring to your TV exactly what you’re looking for.

Consumers are more likely to trust TV ads

Lately, there has been a huge drift towards social media and video sharing, which has led companies to invest money on new advertising models, however, the level of quality and popularity remains double on TV advertising, to be proved, house51 has conducted a study for Thinkbox agency which shows that even nowadays, the cost and scale of an advertising campaign translated to improved brand attributes.

There’s no getting away from the fact that a number of companies have found a way of advertising their products and brands through social media, which enables smaller companies to make a marketing advertising campaign. However, do brands prefer appearing on any device or in the big screens at home?

The results show that half of respondents rated TV advertising as demonstrating that lots of people were buying the brand, compared with 24% for social media and 29% for video sharing sites. Brands advertising on TV, magazines and radio were also perceived as most trusted to deliver on promises made.  So, TV remains being the preferred by both, clients and advertisers.

It’s all about experiences

Even if the perception varies across brand categories and age groups, TV consistently delivers the most powerful signals. Nowadays, with Addessable TV Advertising, we can use media to target specific individuals, which translates into the reduction of wasted media spend by creating one-to-one conversations with customers, and, of course and more importantly, creating a better customer experience.

Addressable TV Advertising is a brave new world, that we, at Optiva Media are already exploring and contributing to, our Product Development team is making a great campaign and consultancy services with our product MediaTag 2022 © All rights reserved