Trends and predictions for 2023

Last year was such a great success overall – with new products, new ideas and great additions to the Optiva team. However, the world keeps moving, and so must we.

There is no doubt the future of technology and telecoms is here, creating new tomorrows for all of us to thrive in and connect with one another. Let’s see what 2023 has in store for us!

What can we expect in 2023?

There are 3 main areas in the TMT industry that are expected to bloom (even more) during the year: Screens & Media, Telecoms and Technology

Let’s find out what advances await us in this new year!

TV and Metaverse will join forces

2023 will be the year in which AI technology will turn watching TV into its most immersive version yet. Because of this, staying on top of the entertainment game will entail all players to operate with this new way of watching TV in mind.

Whether its a live event or a TV show, the integration of the Metaverse in TV broadcasting will allow all content to become interactive for its viewers in an artificial, alternative universe. In order to stay on top of this revolution, the main focus is the production of higher resolution and definition quality content (4K or 8K), as well as having content made in V360 or even VR to ensure that every “classic “ TV show offers complimentary content for the viewer to get the whole experience.


Streaming & Sports Companies hand on hand

After the huge amount of cancellations from subscribers in the last years, betting on the streaming live sports is the smartest choice for these platforms to regain and mainain their subscribers.

Several streaming platforms have already jumped on the bandwagon, but its potential has yet to be fully exploited – both for streaming platforms and sports associations. Having access to exclusive complementary content (behind the scenes, game recaps, etc) on top of the live streaming of the game is what will draw client in, thus feeding into the increased revenue that the sports industry is experiencing.


AVOD on the top of mind

Due to the recent rise of prices in all sectors, consumers are increasingly looking for discounted or free means of entertainment, which also applies to content streaming .

The current levels off chunt in the world of streaming platforms is more than enough evidence to believe that ad-free content offered in exchange for a monthly subscription is not in everybody’s budget. It is because of this that content providers are now forced to find alternative ways to grow and get revenue – and the solution is simple: AVOD. This will become the best option for content providers that have had their audience flop in the last years, as well as for those consumers that do not wish to invest so much in the content they consume.



AR/VR Market gaining weight in the industry

From eyewear to gaming, all the way to medical purposes, AR and VR technology’s revolution is about to take-off.

In the following year, this industry is expected to grow exponentially and offer the world ways of experiencing life like never before. It is because of this that the focus is always put on the user experience – it is still unknown how to efficiently integrate this technology into today’s society’s human practices, but this has certainly not stopped this industry from pursuing the digital revolution.

ar vr

5G will offer connection to 53% of Spain’s population

Spain is expected to have 350 million 5G connected devices by the end of 2023 with the ongoing integration and extension of networks in the territory. For this to happen, the amount of operators that will invest in 5G networks is expected to double-up in 2023 – reaching 200 investors by the end of the year.

In this sense, 5G is on the right path to becoming the wireless connectivity standard in mobile devices.


What about 6G?

The next generation of mobile networks is already on its way, and it is promising.

In fact, there are already a few global powers and companies planning to start testing this new technology by 2026, but it is not expected to enter the market until, at least, 2030.


What is Optiva’s role in this revolution?

In Optiva we are passionate about bringing state-of-the-art solutions to our clients around the world all across the  Product+Project+Operations spectrum. In this sense, we plan 2023 to be our best year yet. We intend to innovate, elevate and stay on top of all the trends to find the best ways to do what we do best: stay connected. 2022 © All rights reserved