Content Autotagging is not the future, but the present of TV

Powering TV services with content autotagging

TV content autotagging is a brave new world, that we, at Optiva Media are excited to explore and contribute to.  Our technological and commercial approach to TV autotagging is reflected in our product MediaTag.

Tags are descriptive labels attached to content entries makes it easier to navigate through information, categorize it or find specific items relevant to each user.

Tags are becoming increasingly popular in the TV world. As aggregated content is growing, both end users and operators can resort to TV content tags organise large, complex catalogues. With active content offers ranging in the tens of thousands of entries, manual tagging is an insurmountable task. This is where automatic tagging, comes into play:

TV content autotagging technologies take content metadata (synopses, reviews, cast & crew info, etc.), process it with the aid of AI algorithms and domain-specific ontologies, and automatically deliver a number of associated tags pertaining to different semantic domains:

  • Factual information: relevant places and entities appearing in the content, temporal location, distinctive keywords.
  • Semantic information: subjects dealt with, sociological/historical related themes.
  • Microgenres, like “Cold War spy movie”.
  • Mood analysis.

TV content autotagging is a key enabling technology, opens up the possibility of implementing interesting use cases:

  • Editorial categorization and curation through tag-based discovery and grouping of content collections.
  • Automatic content discovery by matching social network trending tags with internal content.
  • Tag-based search by end users from the TV service UX itself.
  • Improvement of personalized recommendation engines through the provision of actionable content tags in lieu of “opaque” metadata.
  • Tag-based content clustering for content-based recommendation.
  • Tag-based audience clustering for targeted advertising.

This is MediaTag’s classic workflow connection across the different assets.

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