Understand your users and build the perfect TV app with Field Testing

It’s easy, listen to your users, give them what they want!

Internet has completely changed the game… for good, of course! Has it ever happened to you that you’re thinking about going on a trip and the first thing you do is to check people’s experiences and recommendations? Also with restaurants and activities. Would you book a table in a restaurant whose comments are horrifying? The answer is no!

Same with apps, do you know how important it is to get good reviews (or at least, not bad ones) in the App Store? If you´ve a website, isn’t it important to get feedback from your own users to make sure they’re having a great user experience?

We know that you have already checked your apps and TV services and you are sure that it has no mistakes, your services is completely flawless, however, it is not until your users try it that you can be sure of how people really use and enjoy what you’re offering. 

It’s essential to measure your time and resources, use them wisely to make the most profit out of them. The most intelligent way of getting a reliable feedback, is asking real users to check your services, this means, doing field testing.

Field testing, meaning that real users will be testing your apps, will help you invest your resources effectively, so before you launch a product, you’ll be sure about its success, and use some customers opinions to make exactly what they love. 

Think about it: you might be wasting time and money developing features that don’t satisfy your users or don’t work properly, rather than doing field testing in an early stage to identify problems and amend your design before it costs you more money to correct it. It´s simple, armor yourself with this QA modality, win their hearts and their loyalty, and make them chose your services over any other every time. 

Let us tell you some of the benefits of field testing:

Get a realistic perspective

It’s commonly said that you can’t understand someone until you talk to them. That’s exactly the point of field testing. You and your colleagues might be so focused on the project that you might forget about real necessities and special requirements of your users. If you want to build delightful User Experiences, you need to look through the eyes of your users and step into their shoes. This way, you will understand their problems and make improvements on what really matters to them.

Test with a broader range of users

If you only do internal testing, as some companies might be doing with their employees, you will probably get a general conclusion from only a few opinions. However, if you have a good testing service, you can test on people from all over the world and get a considerable amount of opinions to figure out every single problem, so when you launch your app or update, everyone will be delighted.

Test on a broader range of devices

The more people you have trying your app, the more likely you are to check a bigger amount of different devices. If you do testing only in Spain, you will only make sure that your app is working properly on this country. Now imagine that you get the chance of testing with many different people who have devices from different prices and quality. You will be able to try from a premium TV to cheaper ones in the market, and get a complete overview.

Reduce expenses

You will be able to amend the possible problems before launching any product.

Getting feedback from real users will help you make user-centered designs and make decisions around their opinions. Using your user insights, you will avoid expensive development mistakes and address the right customer problems.

You will avoid: wrong assumptions about user behaviour, developing features that nobody wants, and amend any navigation problems.

Grow your profit

Investing your money on user testing will make it easier to increase your conversion rates and improve your traffic.

Your services might already have gone through lots of QA tests, but unless your efforts are led by real users feedback, you won’t get a realistic perspective. Field testing will show you exactly which are the most frustrating parts of your service and where your users get stuck or confused. This will offer you an overview of what will make them stick. It’s not the only valid testing, but a perfect complement to improve customer retention.

Customers are willing to pay for a good TV platform and they expect a good design and an amazing user experience. If you identify your mistakes at an early stage, you will be able to make changes quickly (without spending too much money), test as many times as needed and launch a product that will make your users fall in love with, avoiding any post-launch errors and a bad reputation amongst consumers and potential users.

At Optiva, we’re concerned about the importance of getting user’s opinions. That’s why amongst out Quality Assurance Service, we have “field testing” to provide a complete overview of all the testing issues and make sure your Apps is ready to into the market and conquer your user’s hearts!

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