Why is NPS closely associated to relevant content generation?

Content is the key for your VoD service

User satisfaction depends on content, so don´t forget to enrich, improve and check every step you take in the race for the best content offer!

TV consumption and digital trends are changing over the years. Not many people sit in front of their TVs willing to surf channels every 30 seconds, looking for something nice to watch. In fact, according to the results of the last studies, it’s been demonstrated that we switch channels 10 times less than 10 years ago, and the sessions are shorter. However, it is a fact that no one wants to miss anything, conformity is no longer in the audiences’ mindset. That is why, the latest study by markets regulator the CNMC has shown that a third of Spanish households paid for online audiovisual content in 2018, and it hasn’t stopped growing since.

Content must be more than entertainment, it has to bring value to the user. Entertaining is not enough to satisfy them anymore: it needs to engage them. We can say that content has become one of the keys to success, and of a positive NPS (Net Promoter Score). Why to take care of our NPS is not a random question, it is a philosophy closely related to the customer experience strategy.

Large TV companies, OTTs and providers, who invest millions in offering a competitive content to their customers, know that it is no longer a question of “what” to offer but “how”, “when” and “where”, are essential. And, of course, how the content is presented is crucial.

Why is enhanced metadata management so important for a TV service?

For the content as a whole to deliver the best results on the ground, its metadata must be processed in an excellent manner. A superb management of the metadata  is the only way to obtain the best user experience. Pay-tv and OTT companies must face the problem of massive content aggregation.  

  • Content metadata is about content, information and images, and without all that assets working together, you will only have “data”. Artificial Intelligence  and Machine Learning are provided with historical and real-time data, which will optimise the processes and offer accurate content to your users, which will result in an amazing UI and an engaging UEX.
  • The accuracy capturing, processing and storing the data are key in an automatic metadata management tool. After collecting the data, AI and ML can organise it based on the likes and interests of each user in order to provide a truly customised catalogue. A disorganised catalogue can drastically downgrade the user experience.
  • Recommendation and search engines need to be efficient, quick and easy. That is why content uniqueness, identification and duplicate-free metadata is key for a satisfactory search in your TV platform. Reducing and minimising churn is essential and, an automatic metadata management tool can direct users to content they want to watch and achieve higher user satisfaction, which will translate into more engagement.

The capability of processing information of an automatic management tool is impressively higher than a human analyst team, which after an initial investment, and combined with an excellent technical support , will lead to a much more cost effectively service.

The NPS is not a random question, it is a philosophy closely related to the customer experience strategy.  After highlighting the importance of a metadata service to preserve and enrich your metadata, and, as a result, your content. we just want your NPS to grow to infinity!

MediaStream ensures an outstanding user experience across all watching windows managing all your content metadata in a unified, consistent way.

And, of course, remind you that we have a deep know-how of metadata management. Don´t hesitate to ask for MediaStream!

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