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Cristina Garcés

CEO & Managing Partner

This is the team that makes possible to do what we do, the people that ensure that we deliver exceptional work, the people that is ready to talk to you about opportunities and ideas and make them happen!

Valia Merino

Chairman & Managing Partner

Our approach to business leadership can be summed up with two words: CUSTOMER-CENTRIC. It’s the common denominator that has been a constant throughout our history.

In Optiva Media, we drive company direction by ensuring we are delivering high-quality digital TV solutions based on innovation, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness accompanied always by robust customer-focused attention. The goal is to maintain our position as a trusted partner and preferred choice of our customers within the digital TV arena.

David Lancho

Operations Director still dreaming of making his first hole in one in Saint Andrews

The Operations team has the vocation of helping our clients to define, build, integrate and validate digital television solutions, to take their services to a higher level of quality and robustness.

The search, identification and definition of new products and solutions, through the installation, configuration and integration of them, ensuring at all times their correct operation with zero errors, all accompanied by the integral management of projects, are part of the DNA of the Optiva Media´s team.

Juan Jesús Lope Carvajal

CFO & European Financial Submarine Advisor

BSA aims to provide financial, fiscal, legal, accounting and administrative support to the company, seeking maximum efficiency. We also provide an unwavering economic analysis of the company performance and its different projects, as well as the feasibility of all commercial actions that arise.

We work closely with all departments, with special emphasis on labor, commercial, R&I and IT, as well as the steering committee. In conclusion, we are the team that everybody wants to get along with, so we have a lot of friends!

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